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Article 292 Integrity of the modelling process

1. An institution shall ensure the integrity of modelling process as set out in Article 284 by adopting at least the following measures:

(a) the model shall reflect transaction terms and specifications in a timely, complete, and conservative fashion;

(b) those terms shall include at least contract notional amounts, maturity, reference assets, margining arrangements and netting arrangements;

(c) those terms and specifications shall be maintained in a database that is subject to formal and periodic audit;

(d) a process for recognising netting arrangements that requires legal staff to verify that netting under those arrangements is legally enforceable;

(e) the verification required under point (d) shall be entered into the database mentioned in point (c) by an independent unit;

(f) the transmission of transaction terms and specification data to the EPE model shall be subject to internal audit;

(g) there shall be processes for formal reconciliation between the model and source data systems