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Article 430c Feasibility report on the integrated reporting system

1. EBA shall prepare a report on feasibility regarding the development of a consistent and integrated system for collecting statistical data, resolution data and prudential data and report its findings to the Commission by 28 June 2020.

2. When drafting the feasibility report, EBA shall involve competent authorities, as well as authorities that are responsible for deposit guarantee schemes, resolution and in particular the ESCB. The report shall take into account the previous work of the ESCB regarding integrated data collections and shall be based on an overall cost and benefit analysis including as a minimum:

(a) an overview of the quantity and scope of the current data collected by the competent authorities in their jurisdiction and of its origins and granularity;

(b) the establishment of a standard dictionary of the data to be collected, in order to increase the convergence of reporting requirements as regards regular reporting obligations, and to avoid unnecessary queries;

(c) the