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Article 244 Traditional securitisation

1. The originator institution of a traditional securitisation may exclude underlying exposures from its calculation of risk-weighted exposure amounts and, where relevant, expected loss amounts if either of the following conditions is fulfilled:

(a) significant credit risk associated with the underlying exposures has been transferred to third parties;

(b) the originator institution applies a 1 250 % risk weight to all securitisation positions it holds in the securitisation or deducts these securitisation positions from Common Equity Tier 1 items in accordance with point (k) of Article 36(1).

2. Significant credit risk shall be considered as transferred in either of the following cases:

(a) the risk-weighted exposure amounts of the mezzanine securitisation positions held by the originator institution in the securitisation do not exceed 50 % of the risk-weighted exposure amounts of all mezzanine securitisation positions existing in this securitisation;

(b) the originator institution does