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Version date: 1 January 2014 - onwards
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Article 383 Advanced method

1. An institution which has permission to use an internal model for the specific risk of debt instruments in accordance with point (d) of Article 363(1) shall, for all transactions for which it has permission to use the IMM for determining the exposure value for the associated counterparty credit risk exposure in accordance with Article 283, determine the own funds requirements for CVA risk by modelling the impact of changes in the counterparties' credit spreads on the CVAs of all counterparties of those transactions, taking into account CVA hedges that are eligible in accordance with Article 386.

An institution shall use its internal model for determining the own funds requirements for the specific risk associated with traded debt positions and shall apply a 99 % confidence interval and a 10-day equivalent holding period. The internal model shall be used in such way that it simulates changes in the credit spreads of counterparties, but does not model the sensitivity of CVA to changes