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Article 325z Jump-to-default amounts

1. Gross jump-to-default amounts for securitisation exposures shall be their market value or, if their market value is not available, their fair value determined in accordance with the applicable accounting framework.

2. Net jump-to-default amounts shall be determined by offsetting long gross jump-to-default amounts and short gross jump-to-default amounts. Offsetting shall only be possible between securitisation exposures with the same underlying asset pool and belonging to the same tranche. No offsetting shall be permitted between securit­isation exposures with different underlying asset pools, even where the attachment and detachment points are the same.

3. Where, by decomposing or combining existing securitisation exposures, other existing securitisation exposures can be perfectly replicated, except for the maturity dimension, the exposures resulting from that decomposition or combination may be used instead of the existing securitisation exposures for the purposes of offsetting.