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Article 325bf Regulatory back-testing requirements and multiplication factors

1. For the purposes of this Article, an 'overshooting' means a one-day change in the value of a portfolio composed of all the positions assigned to the trading desk that exceeds the related value-at-risk number calculated on the basis of the institution's alternative internal model in accordance with the following requirements:

(a) the calculation of the value at risk shall be subject to a one-day holding period;

(b) scenarios of future shocks shall apply to the risk factors of the trading desk's positions referred to in Article 325bg(3) and which are considered modellable in accordance with Article 325be;

(c) data inputs used to determine the scenarios of future shocks applied to the modellable risk factors shall be calibrated to historical data referred to in point (c) of Article 325bc(4);

(d) unless stated otherwise in this Article, the institution's alternative internal model shall be based on the same modelling assumptions as those used for the calculation of the expected shortfal