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Version date: 1 January 2014 - onwards
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Article 327 Netting

1. The absolute value of the excess of an institution's long (short) positions over its short (long) positions in the same equity, debt and convertible issues and identical financial futures, options, warrants and covered warrants shall be its net position in each of those different instruments. In calculating the net position, positions in derivative instruments shall be treated as laid down in Articles 328 to 330. Institutions' holdings of their own debt instruments shall be disregarded in calculating specific risk capital requirements under Article 336.

2. No netting shall be allowed between a convertible and an offsetting position in the instrument underlying it, unless the competent authorities adopt an approach under which the likelihood of a particular convertible's being converted is taken into account or require an own funds requirement to cover any loss which conversion might entail. Such approaches or own funds requirements shall be notified to EBA. EBA shall monitor the ran