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Article 325bp Particular requirements for an internal default risk model

1. The internal default risk model referred to in Article 325bm(1) shall be capable of modelling the default of individual issuers as well as the simultaneous default of multiple issuers, and shall take into account the impact of those defaults in the market values of the positions that are included in the scope of that model. For that purpose, the default of each individual issuer shall be modelled using two types of systematic risk factors.

2. The internal default risk model shall reflect the economic cycle, including the dependency between recovery rates and the systematic risk factors referred to in paragraph 1.

3. The internal default risk model shall reflect the nonlinear impact of options and other positions with material nonlinear behaviour with respect to price changes. Institutions shall also have due regard to the amount of model risk inherent in the valuation and estimation of price risks associated with those products.

4. The internal default risk model shall be based on d