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Article 39 Tax overpayments, tax loss carry backs and deferred tax assets that do not rely on future profitability

1. The following items shall not be deducted from own funds and shall be subject to a risk weight in accordance with Chapter 2 or 3 of Title II of Part Three, as applicable:

(a) overpayments of tax by the institution for the current year;

(b) current year tax losses of the institution carried back to previous years that give rise to a claim on, or a receivable from, a central government, regional government or local tax authority.

2. Deferred tax assets that do not rely on future profitability shall be limited to deferred tax assets which were created before 23 November 2016 and which arise from temporary differences, where all the following conditions are met:

(a) they are automatically and mandatorily replaced without delay with a tax credit in the event that the institution reports a loss when the annual financial statements of the institution are formally approved, or in the event of liquidation or insolvency of the institution;

(b) an institution is able under the applicable natio