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Article 337 Own funds requirement for securitisation instruments

1. For instruments in the trading book that are securitisation positions, the institution shall weight the net positions as calculated in accordance with Article 327(1) with 8 % of the risk weight the institution would apply to the position in its non-trading book according to Section 3 of Chapter 5 of Title II.

2. When determining risk weights for the purposes of paragraph 1, estimates of PD and LGD may be determined based on estimates that are derived from an internal incremental default and migration risk model (IRC model) of an institution that has been granted permission to use an internal model for specific risk of debt instruments. The latter alternative may be used only subject to permission by the competent authorities, which shall be granted if those estimates meet the quantitative requirements for the IRB Approach set out in Chapter 3 of Title II.

In accordance with Article 16 of Regulation (EU) No 1093/2010, the EBA shall issue guidelines on the use of estimates of PD and L