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Version date: 25 January 2017 - onwards
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Article 199 Additional eligibility for collateral under the IRB Approach

1. In addition to the collateral referred to in Articles 197 and 198, institutions that calculate risk-weighted exposure amounts and expected loss amounts under the IRB Approach may also use the following forms of collateral:

(a) immovable property collateral in accordance with paragraphs 2, 3 and 4;

(b) receivables in accordance with paragraph 5;

(c) other physical collateral in accordance with paragraphs 6 and 8;

(d) leasing in accordance with paragraph 7.

2. Unless otherwise specified under Article 124(2), institutions may use as eligible collateral residential property which is or will be occupied or let by the owner, or the beneficial owner in the case of personal investment companies, and commercial immovable property, including offices and other commercial premises, where both the following conditions are met:

(a) the value of the property does not materially depend upon the credit quality of the obligor. Institutions may exclude situations where purely macro-economic factors af