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Article 267 Use of Credit Assessments by ECAIs

1. An institution which has knowledge at all times of the composition of the underlying exposures may assign the senior position a maximum risk weight equal to the exposure-weighted-average risk weight that would be applicable to the underlying exposures as if the underlying exposures had not been securitised.

2. In the case of pools of underlying exposures where the institution uses exclusively the Standardised Approach or the IRB Approach, the maximum risk weight of the senior securitisation position shall be equal to the exposure-weighted-average risk weight that would apply to the underlying exposures under Chapter 2 or 3, respectively, as if they had not been securitised.

In the case of mixed pools the maximum risk weight shall be calculated as follows:

(a) where the institution applies the SEC-IRBA, the Standardised Approach portion and the IRB Approach portion of the underlying pool shall each be assigned the corresponding Standardised Approach risk weight and IRB Approach risk