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Article 357 Positions in commodities

1. Each position in commodities or commodity derivatives shall be expressed in terms of the standard unit of measurement. The spot price in each commodity shall be expressed in the reporting currency.

2. Positions in gold or gold derivatives shall be considered as being subject to foreign-exchange risk and treated in accordance with Chapter 3 or 5, as appropriate, for the purpose of calculating commodities risk.

3. For the purpose of Article 360(1), the excess of an institution's long positions over its short positions, or vice versa, in the same commodity and identical commodity futures, options and warrants shall be its net position in each commodity. Derivative instruments shall be treated, as laid down in Article 358, as positions in the underlying commodity.

4. For the purposes of calculating a position in a commodity, the following positions shall be treated as positions in the same commodity:

(a) positions in different sub-categories of commodities in cases where the sub-categor