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Article 268 Requirements to be met by the credit assessments of ECAIs

1. An originator institution, a sponsor institution or other institution using the SEC-IRBA or an originator institution or sponsor institution using the SEC-SA or the SEC-ERBA may apply a maximum capital requirement for the securitisation position it holds equal to the capital requirements that would be calculated under Chapter 2 or 3 in respect of the underlying exposures had they not been securitised. For the purposes of this Article, the IRB Approach capital requirement shall include the amount of the expected losses associated with those exposures calculated under Chapter 3 and that of unexpected losses.

2. In the case of mixed pools, the maximum capital requirement shall be determined by calculating the exposure-weighted average of the capital requirements of the IRB Approach and Standardised Approach portions of the underlying exposures in accordance with paragraph 1.

3. The maximum capital requirement shall be the result of multiplying the amount calculated in accordance with p