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Version date: 1 January 2014 - 27 June 2021
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Article 103 Management of the trading book

In managing its positions or sets of positions in the trading book the institution shall comply with all of the following requirements:

(a) the institution shall have in place a clearly documented trading strategy for the position/instrument or portfolios, approved by senior management, which shall include the expected holding period;

(b) the institution shall have in place clearly defined policies and procedures for the active management of positions entered into on a trading desk. Those policies and procedures shall include the following:

(i) which positions may be entered into by which trading desk;

(ii) position limits are set and monitored for appropriateness;

(iii) dealers have the autonomy to enter into and manage the position within agreed limits and according to the approved strategy;

(iv) positions are reported to senior management as an integral part of the institution's risk management process;

(v) positions are actively monitored with reference to market information source