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Article 332 Credit Derivatives

1. When calculating the own funds requirement for general and specific risk of the party who assumes the credit risk (the 'protection seller'), unless specified differently, the notional amount of the credit derivative contract shall be used. Notwithstanding the first sentence, the institution may elect to replace the notional value by the notional value plus the net market value change of the credit derivative since trade inception, a net downward change from the protection seller's perspective carrying a negative sign. For the purpose of calculating the specific risk charge, other than for total return swaps, the maturity of the credit derivative contract, rather than the maturity of the obligation, shall apply. Positions are determined as follows:

(a) a total return swap creates a long position in the general risk of the reference obligation and a short position in the general risk of a government bond with a maturity equivalent to the period until the next interest fixing and which