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Article 176 Data maintenance

1. Institutions shall collect and store data on aspects of their internal ratings as required under Part Eight.

2. For exposures to corporates, institutions and central governments and central banks, and for equity exposures where an institution uses the PD/LGD approach set out in Article 155(3), institutions shall collect and store:

(a) complete rating histories on obligors and recognised guarantors;

(b) the dates the ratings were assigned;

(c) the key data and methodology used to derive the rating;

(d) the person responsible for the rating assignment;

(e) the identity of obligors and exposures that defaulted;

(f) the date and circumstances of such defaults;

(g) data on the PDs and realised default rates associated with rating grades and ratings migration.

3. Institutions not using own estimates of LGDs and conversion factors shall collect and store data on comparisons of realised LGDs to the values as set out in Article 161(1) and realised conversion factors to the values as set out