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Version date: 1 January 2014 - 7 July 2022
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Article 428 Items requiring stable funding

1. Unless deducted from own funds, the following items shall be reported to competent authorities separately in order to allow an assessment of the needs for stable funding:

(a) the assets that would qualify as liquid assets in accordance with Article 416, broken down by asset type;

(b) the following securities and money market instruments not included in point (a):

(i) assets qualifying for credit step 1 under Article 122;

(ii) assets qualifying for credit step 2 under Article 122;

(iii) other assets;

(c) equity securities of non-financial entities listed on a major index in a recognised exchange;

(d) other equity securities;

(e) gold;

(f) other precious metals;

(g) non-renewable loans and receivables, and separately those non-renewable loans and receivables for which borrowers are:

(i) natural persons other than commercial sole proprietors and partnerships;

(ii) SMEs that qualify for the retail