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Article 495 Treatment of equity exposures under the IRB Approach

1. Until 31 December 2017, the competent authorities may, by way of derogation from Chapter 3 of Part Three, exempt from the IRB treatment certain categories of equity exposures held by institutions and EU subsidiaries of institutions in that Member State as at 31 December 2007. The competent authority shall publish the categories of equity exposures which benefit from such treatment in accordance with Article 143 of Directive 2013/36/EU.

The exempted position shall be measured as the number of shares as at 31 December 2007 and any additional share arising directly as a result of owning those holdings, provided that they do not increase the proportional share of ownership in a portfolio company.

If an acquisition increases the proportional share of ownership in a specific holding the part of the holding which constitutes the excess shall not be subject to the exemption. Nor shall the exemption apply to holdings that were originally subject to the exemption, but have been sold and then