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Article 439 Disclosure of exposures to counterparty credit risk

Institutions shall disclose the following information regarding their exposure to counterparty credit risk as referred to in Chapter 6 of Title II of Part Three:

(a) a description of the methodology used to assign internal capital and credit limits for counterparty credit exposures, including the methods to assign those limits to exposures to central counterparties;

(b) a description of policies related to guarantees and other credit risk mitigants, such as the policies for securing collateral and establishing credit reserves;

(c) a description of policies with respect to General Wrong-Way risk and Specific Wrong-Way risk as defined in Article 291;

(d) the amount of collateral the institution would have to provide if its credit rating was downgraded;

(e) the amount of segregated and unsegregated collateral received and posted per type of collateral, further broken down between collateral used for derivatives and securities financing transactions;

(f)for derivative transactions, the exp