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Article 272 Definitions

For the purposes of this Chapter and of Title VI of this Part, the following definitions shall apply:

General terms

(1) "counterparty credit risk" or "CCR" means the risk that the counterparty to a transaction could default before the final settlement of the transaction's cash flows;

Transaction types

(2) "long settlement transactions" means transactions where a counterparty undertakes to deliver a security, a commodity, or a foreign exchange amount against cash, other financial instruments, or commodities, or vice versa, at a settlement or delivery date specified by contract that is later than the market standard for this particular type of transaction or five business days after the date on which the institution enters into the transaction, whichever is earlier;

(3) "margin lending transactions" means transactions in which an institution extends credit in connection with the purchase, sale, carrying or trading of securities. Margin lending transactions do not include other loans