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Article 325az Alternative internal model approach and permission to use alternative internal models

1. The alternative internal model approach as set out in this Chapter shall be used only for the purposes of the reporting requirement laid down in Article 430b(3).

2. After having verified institutions' compliance with the requirements set out in Articles 325bh, 325bi and 325bj, competent authorities shall grant permission to those institutions to calculate their own funds requirements for the portfolio of all positions assigned to trading desks by using their alternative internal models in accordance with Article 325ba, provided that all the following requirements are met:

(a) the trading desks were established in accordance with Article 104b;

(b) the institution has provided to the competent authority a rationale for the inclusion of the trading desks in the scope of the alternative internal model approach;

(c) the trading desks have met the back-testing requirements referred to in Article 325bf(3) for the preceding year;

(d) the institution has reported to its competent authorities