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Version date: 28 June 2021 - onwards
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Article 301 Material scope

1. This Section applies to the following contracts and transactions, for as long as they are outstanding with a CCP:

(a) the derivative contracts listed in Annex II and credit derivatives;

(b) securities financing transactions and fully guaranteed deposit lending or borrowing transactions; and

(c) long settlement transactions.

This Section does not apply to exposures arising from the settlement of cash transactions. Institutions shall apply the treatment laid down in Title V to trade exposures arising from those transactions and a 0 % risk weight to default fund contributions covering only those transactions. Institutions shall apply the treatment set out in Article 307 to default fund contributions that cover any of the contracts listed in the first subparagraph of this paragraph in addition to cash transactions.

2. For the purposes of this Section, the following requirements shall apply:

(a) the initial margin shall not include contributions to a CCP for mutualised loss sharing arran

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