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Article 280e Commodity risk category add-on

1. For the purposes of Article 278, institutions shall calculate the commodity risk category add-on for a given netting set as follows:

2. For the purpose of calculating the add-on for a commodity hedging set of a given netting set in accordance with paragraph 4, institutions shall establish the relevant commodity reference types of each hedging set. Commodity derivative transactions shall be assigned to the same commodity reference type only where the underlying commodity instrument of those transactions has the same nature, irrespective of the delivery location and quality of the commodity instrument.

3. By way of derogation from paragraph 2, competent authorities may require an institution which is signifi­cantly exposed to the basis risk of different positions sharing the same nature as referred to in paragraph 2 to establish the commodity reference types for those positions using more characteristics than just the nature of the underlying commodity instrument. In such a situatio