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Article 354 Closely correlated currencies

1. Institutions may provide lower own funds requirements against positions in relevant closely correlated currencies. A pair of currencies is deemed to be closely correlated only if the likelihood of a loss - calculated on the basis of daily exchange-rate data for the preceding three or five years - occurring on equal and opposite positions in such currencies over the following 10 working days, which is 4 % or less of the value of the matched position in question (valued in terms of the reporting currency) has a probability of at least 99 %, when an observation period of three years is used, and 95 %, when an observation period of five years is used. The own-funds requirement on the matched position in two closely correlated currencies shall be 4 % multiplied by the value of the matched position.

2. In calculating the requirements of this Chapter, institutions may disregard positions in currencies, which are subject to a legally binding intergovernmental agreement to limit its variatio