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Article 104b Requirements for trading desk

1. For the purposes of the reporting requirements set out in Article 430b(3), institutions shall establish trading desks and shall assign each of their trading book positions to one of those trading desks. Trading book positions shall be attributed to the same trading desk only where they satisfy the agreed business strategy for the trading desk and are consistently managed and monitored in accordance with paragraph 2 of this Article.

2. Institutions' trading desks shall at all times meet all the following requirements:

(a) each trading desk shall have a clear and distinctive business strategy and a risk management structure that is adequate for its business strategy;

(b) each trading desk shall have a clear organisational structure; positions in a given trading desk shall be managed by designated dealers within the institution; each dealer shall have dedicated functions in the trading desk; each dealer shall be assigned to one trading desk only;

(c) position limits shall be set within