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Version date: 16 August 2012 - onwards
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Article 74 Delegation of tasks by ESMA to competent authorities

1. Where necessary for the proper performance of a supervisory task, ESMA may delegate specific supervisory tasks to the competent authority of a Member State in accordance with the guidelines issued by ESMA pursuant to Article 16 of Regulation (EU) No 1095/2010. Such specific supervisory tasks may, in particular, include the power to carry out requests for information in accordance with Article 61 and to conduct investigations and on-site inspections in accordance with Article 62 and Article 63(6).

2. Prior to delegation of a task, ESMA shall consult the relevant competent authority. Such consultation shall concern:

(a) the scope of the task to be delegated;

(b) the timetable for the performance of the task; and

(c) the transmission of necessary information by and to ESMA.

3. In accordance with the regulation on fees adopted by the Commission pursuant to Article 72(3), ESMA shall reimburse a competent authority for costs incurred as a result of carrying out delegated tasks.

4. ESMA sh

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