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Version date: 1 January 2020 - onwards
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Article 25h On-site inspections

1. In order to carry out its duties under this Regulation, ESMA may conduct all necessary on-site inspections at any business premises, land or property of Tier 2 CCPs and related third parties to whom those CCPs have outsourced operational functions, services or activities.

The central banks of issue referred to in point (f) of Article 25(3) may submit a reasoned request to ESMA to participate in such on-site inspections where relevant for the carrying out of their monetary policy tasks.

The third-country CCP college referred to in Article 25c shall be informed without undue delay of any findings that may be relevant for the execution of its tasks.

2. The officials and other persons authorised by ESMA to conduct an on-site inspection may enter any business premises, land or property of the legal persons subject to an inspection decision adopted by ESMA and shall have all the powers stipulated in Article 25g(1). They shall also have the power to seal any business premises and books or

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