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Version date: 1 January 2020 - onwards
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Article 23a Supervisory cooperation between competent authorities and ESMA with regards to authorised CCPs

1. ESMA shall fulfil a coordination role between competent authorities and across colleges with a view to building a common supervisory culture and consistent supervisory practices, ensuring uniform procedures and consistent approaches, and strengthening consistency in supervisory outcomes, especially with regard to supervisory areas which have a cross-border dimension or a possible cross-border impact.

2. Competent authorities shall submit their draft decisions to ESMA before adopting any act or measure pursuant to Articles 7, 8, 14, 15, 29 to 33, 35, 36 and 54.

Competent authorities may also submit draft decisions to ESMA before adopting any other act or measure in accordance with their duties under Article 22(1).

3. Within 20 working days of receipt of a draft decision submitted in accordance with paragraph 2 in relation to a specific Article ESMA shall provide an opinion on that draft decision to the competent authority where necessary to promote a consistent and coherent applicati

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