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Article 25c Third-country CCP college

1. ESMA shall establish a college for third-country CCPs to facilitate the sharing of information.

2. The college shall consist of:

(a) the Chair of the CCP Supervisory Committee, who shall chair the college;

(b) the two independent members of the CCP Supervisory Committee;

(c) the competent authorities referred to in Article 22; in Member States where more than one authority has been designated as competent in accordance with Article 22, those authorities shall agree on a common representative;

(d) the competent authorities responsible for the supervision of the clearing members established in the Union;

(e) the competent authorities responsible for the supervision of trading venues established in the Union, served or to be served by the CCPs;

(f) the competent authorities supervising central securities depositories established in the Union to which the CCPs are linked or intend to be linked;

(g) the members of the ESCB.

3. The college members may request that the CCP Supervisory Comm

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