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8. Money laundering outside State in certain circumstances.

(1) A person who, in a place outside the State, engages in conduct that would, if the conduct occurred in the State, constitute an offence under section 7 commits an offence if any of the following circumstances apply:

(a) the conduct takes place on board an Irish ship, within the meaning of section 9 of the Mercantile Marine Act 1955,

(b) the conduct takes place on an aircraft registered in the State,

(c) the conduct constitutes an offence under the law of that place and the person is -

(i) an individual who is a citizen of Ireland or ordinarily resident in the State, or

(ii) a body corporate established under the law of the State or a company registered under the Companies Acts,

(d) a request for the person's surrender, for the purpose of trying him or her for an offence in respect of the conduct, has been made under Part II of the Extradition Act 1965 by any country and the request has been finally refused (whether or not as a result of a decision of a court), or

(e) a European arre