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Version date: 15 July 2010 - onwards
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77. Power of authorised officers to do things at premises.

(1) An authorised officer may, at any premises lawfully entered by the officer, do any of the following:

(a) inspect the premises;

(b) request any person on the premises who apparently has control of, or access to, records or other documents that relate to the business of a designated person (being a designated person whose competent authority is the State competent authority who appointed the authorised officer) -

(i) to produce the documents for inspection, and

(ii) if any of those documents are in an electronic, mechanical or other form, to reproduce the document in a written form;

(c) inspect documents produced or reproduced in accordance with such a request or found in the course of inspecting the premises;

(d) take copies of those documents or of any part of them (including, in the case of a document in an electronic, mechanical or other form, a copy of the document in a written form);

(e) request any person at the premises who appears to the authorised person to have information