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93. Minister may amend authorisation.

(1) The Minister may amend an authorisation granted under this Chapter by varying, replacing or revoking any conditions or by adding a new condition if the Minister considers that the variation, replacement, revocation or addition is necessary for the proper and orderly regulation of the business of the holder of the authorisation as a trust or company service provider and, in particular, for preventing the business from being used to carry out money laundering or terrorist financing.

(2) If the Minister proposes to amend an authorisation under this section, the Minister shall serve on the holder of the authorisation a notice in writing informing the holder of the Minister's intention to amend the authorisation.

(3) The notice shall -

(a) specify the proposed amendment, and

(b) inform the holder that the holder may, within 21 days after service of the notice, make written representations to the Minister showing why the Minister should not make that amendment.

(4) Not later than 21 days