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Version date: 2 December 2019 - onwards
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108I. Persons registered to retain certain records.

(1) A person registered shall -

(a) retain at an office or other premises in the State such records as may be specified by the Bank, and

(b) notify the Bank in writing of the address of any office or other premises where those records are retained.

(2) The requirement imposed by subsection (1) is in addition to, and not in substitution for, any other requirements imposed under any other enactment or rule of law with respect to the retention of records by the person registered.

(3) The person registered shall retain the records referred to in subsection (1) for a period of not less than 6 years after -

(a) in the case of a record made in relation to a customer of the person registered, the last dealing with the customer, or

(b) in any other case, the record is made.

(4) The person registered may keep the records referred to in subsection (1) wholly or partly in an electronic, mechanical or other non-written form only if they are capable of being reproduced in a written form.

(5) The obl