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Schedule 4 Non-exhaustive list of factors suggesting potentially higher risk

Section 39

(1) Customer risk factors:

(a) the business relationship is conducted in unusual circumstances;

(b) customers that are resident in geographical areas of higher risk as set out in subparagraph (3);

(c) non-resident customers;

(d) legal persons or arrangements that are personal asset-holding vehicles;

(e) companies that have nominee shareholders or shares in bearer form;

(f) businesses that are cash intensive;

(g) the ownership structure of the company appears unusual or excessively complex given the nature of the company's business.

(2) Product, service, transaction or delivery channel risk factors:

(a) private banking;

(b) products or transactions that might favour anonymity;

(c) non-face-to-face business relationships or transactions;

(d) payment received from unknown or unassociated third parties;

(e) new products and new business prac