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63. General functions of competent authorities.

(1) A competent authority shall effectively monitor the designated persons for whom it is a competent authority and take measures that are reasonably necessary for the purpose of securing compliance by those designated persons with the requirements specified in this Part.

(2) The measures that are reasonably necessary include reporting to the Garda Síochána and Revenue Commissioners any knowledge or suspicion that the competent authority has that a designated person has been or is engaged in money laundering or terrorist financing.

(3) In determining, in any particular case, whether a designated person has complied with any of the requirements specified in this Part, a competent authority shall consider whether the person is able to demonstrate to the competent authority that the requirements have been met.

(4) A competent authority that, in the course of monitoring a designated person under this section, acquires any knowledge or forms any suspicion that another person has been or i