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Version date: 26 November 2018 - onwards
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40D. Power of FIU Ireland to respond to requests for information from competent authorities.

(1)FIU Ireland shall respond as soon as practicable to any request for information which is based on a concern relating to money laundering or terrorist financing that it receives from -

(a) a competent authority,

(b) the Revenue Commissioners, or

(c) the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

(2)FIU Ireland may provide the results of its analyses and any additional relevant information to a person mentioned in subsection (1) where there are grounds to suspect money laundering or terrorist financing.

(3)FIU Ireland shall be under no obligation to comply with the request for information where there are objective grounds for assuming that the provision of such information would have a negative impact on ongoing investigations or analyses, or, in exceptional circumstances, where disclosure of the information would be clearly disproportionate to the legitimate interests of a natural or legal person or irrelevant with regard to the purposes for which it has been requested.