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115. Amendment of Courts (Supplemental Provisions) Act 1961.

Section 32A(1) of the Courts (Supplemental Provisions) Act 1961 (inserted by section 180 of the Criminal Justice Act 2006) is amended as follows:

(a) in paragraph (d) (inserted by section 18 of the Criminal Justice (Surveillance) Act 2009) by substituting "Criminal Justice (Surveillance) Act 2009;" for "Criminal Justice (Surveillance) Act 2009.";

(b) by inserting the following paragraph after paragraph (d):

"(e) any of the following powers under Part 3 of the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act 2010:

(i) the power to order a person not to carry out any service or transaction;

(ii) the power to revoke an order referred to in subparagraph (i);

(iii) the power to make an order in relation to property if considered essential to do so for the purpose of enabling -

(I) the person who applies for the order to discharge the reasonable living and other necessary expenses incurred or to be incurred in respect of the person or the person's dependants, or

(II) the perso