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72. Appointment of authorised officers.

(1) A State competent authority may appoint employees of the authority or other persons who, in the opinion of the authority, are suitably qualified or experienced, to be authorised officers for the purpose of this Chapter.

(2) A State competent authority may revoke any appointment made by the authority under subsection (1).

(3) An appointment or revocation under this section shall be in writing.

(4) A person's appointment by a State competent authority as an authorised officer ceases -

(a) on the revocation by the authority of the appointment,

(b) in a case where the appointment is for a specified period, on the expiration of the period,

(c) on the person's resignation from the appointment, or

(d) in a case where the person is an employee of the authority -

(i) on the resignation of the person as an employee of the authority, or

(ii) on the termination of the person's employment with the authority for any other reason.