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104. Register of persons holding authorisations.

(1) The Minister shall establish and maintain a register of persons authorised under this Chapter to carry on business as a trust or company service provider containing -

(a) the name and the address of the principal place of business of each person authorised to carry on business as a trust or company service provider, and

(b) such other information as may be prescribed.

(2) The register may be in book form, electronic form or such other form as the Minister may determine. The register may be maintained in an electronic, mechanical or other non-written form only if it is capable of being reproduced in a written form.

(3) The Minister shall maintain the register at an office in the State.

(4) Members of the public are entitled, without charge, to inspect the register during ordinary business hours.

(5) The Minister may publish a register in written, electronic or other form and a member of the public is entitled to obtain a copy of a register or of an entry in a register on payment of