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25. Meaning of "designated person".

(1) In this Part, "designated person" means any person, acting in the State in the course of business carried on by the person in the State, who or that is - (a) a credit institution, except as provided by subsection (4), (b) a financial institution, except as provided by subsection (4), (c) an auditor, external accountant or tax adviser, (d) subject to subsection (1A), a relevant independent legal professional, (e) a trust or company service provider, (f) a property service provider, (g) a casino, (h) a person who effectively directs a private members' club at which gambling activities are carried on, but only in respect of those gambling activities, (i) any person trading in goods, but only in respect of transactions involving payments, to the person or by the person in cash, of a total of at least €10,000 (whe