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114A. Prescribed amounts under section 33AQ of Central Bank Act 1942 in respect of certain contraventions.

(1) In this section 'Act of 1942' means the Central Bank Act 1942 and 'designated person' means a designated person within the meaning of Part 4.

(2) Notwithstanding subsection (4) of section 33AQ of the Act of 1942, in the case of a contravention of Chapter 3, 4 or 6 of Part 4, or section 30B, 57, 57A, 58 or 59, by a designated person, the prescribed amount for the purpose of subsection (3)(c) of section 33AQ is -

(a) if the designated person is a body corporate or an unincorporated body, the greatest of -

(i) €10,000,000,

(ii) twice the amount of any benefit derived by the person from the contravention (where that benefit can be determined), and

(iii) an amount equal to 10 per cent of the turnover of the body for its last complete financial year before the finding is made,

(b) if the designated person is a natural person -

(i) where the designated person is not a credit institution or financial institution, the greater of -

(I) €1,000,000, and

(II) twice the amount of any benefit