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108. Minister may delegate certain functions under this Part.

(1) The Minister may, by instrument in writing, delegate any of the Minister's functions under Chapter 8 or 9, or under section 109, to a named officer or an officer of a particular class or description.

(2) A delegation under this section may be made subject to such conditions or limitations as to the performance of any of the functions delegated, or as to time or circumstance, as may be specified in the instrument of delegation.

(3) The Minister may, by instrument in writing, revoke a delegation under this section.

(4) A function delegated under this section may, while the delegation remains unrevoked, be performed by the delegate in accordance with the terms of the delegation.

(5) The Minister may continue to perform any functions delegated under this section.

(6) Nothing in this section shall be construed as affecting the application to this Act of the general law concerning the imputing of acts of an officer of a Minister of the Government to the Minister of the Government.

(7) In