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Version date: 1 January 2016 - onwards
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Article 6 Assistance

1. This Directive shall not apply to an assistance activity which fulfils all the following conditions:

(a) the assistance is provided in the event of an accident or breakdown involving a road vehicle when the accident or breakdown occurs in the territory of the Member State of the undertaking providing cover;

(b) the liability for the assistance is limited to the following operations:

(i) an on-the-spot breakdown service for which the undertaking providing cover uses, in most circumstances, its own staff and equipment;

(ii) the conveyance of the vehicle to the nearest or the most appropriate location at which repairs may be carried out and the possible accompaniment, normally by the same means of assistance, of the driver and passengers to the nearest location from where they may continue their journey by other means; and

(iii) where provided for by the home Member State of the undertaking providing cover, the conveyance of the vehicle, possibly accompanied by the driver and passenger

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