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Article 260 Parent undertakings outside the Union: verification of equivalence

1. In the case referred to in Article 213(2)(c), the supervisory authorities concerned shall verify whether the insurance and reinsurance undertakings, the parent undertaking of which has its head office outside the Union, are subject to supervision, by a third-country supervisory authority, which is equivalent to that provided for by this Title on the supervision at the level of the group of insurance and reinsurance undertakings referred to in Article 213(2)(a) and (b).

Where no delegated act has been adopted in accordance with paragraph 2, 3 or 5 of this Article, the verification shall be carried out by the supervisory authority, which would be the group supervisor if the criteria set out in Article 247(2) were to apply (the "acting group supervisor"), at the request of the parent undertaking or of any of the insurance and reinsurance undertakings authorised in the Union or on its own initiative. EIOPA shall assist the acting group supervisor in accordance with Article 33(2) of Regu

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