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Article 262 Parent undertakings registered in a third country: absence of equivalence

1. In the absence of equivalent supervision referred to in Article 260, or where a Member State does not apply Article 261 in the event of temporary equivalence in accordance with Article 260(7), that Member State shall apply either of the following to insurance and reinsurance undertakings:

(a) Articles 218 to 235, and Articles 244 to 258, mutatis mutandis;

(b) one of the methods set out in paragraph 2.

The general principles and methods set out in Articles 218 to 258 shall apply at the level of the insurance holding company, mixed financial holding company, third-country insurance undertaking or third-country reinsurance undertaking.

For the sole purpose of the group solvency calculation, the parent undertaking shall be treated as if it were an insurance or reinsurance undertaking subject to the same conditions as laid down in Subsections 1, 2 and 3 of Section 3 of Chapter VI of Title I as regards the own funds eligible for the Solvency Capital Requirement, and to either of the follo

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