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Article 258 Enforcement measures

1. Where the insurance or reinsurance undertakings in a group do not comply with the requirements provided for in Articles 218 to 246 or where the requirements are met but solvency may nevertheless be jeopardised or where the intra-group transactions or the risk concentrations are a threat to the financial position of the insurance or reinsurance undertakings, measures necessary to rectify the situation as soon as possible shall be adopted by:

(a) the group supervisor with respect to insurance holding companies and mixed financial holding companies;

(b) the supervisory authorities with respect to insurance and reinsurance undertakings.

Where, in the case referred to in point (a) of the first subparagraph, the group supervisor is not one of the supervisory authorities of the Member State in which the insurance holding company or mixed financial holding company has its head office, the group supervisor shall inform those supervisory authorities of its findings with a view to enabling the

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