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Article 23 Scheme of operations

1. The scheme of operations referred to in Article 18(1)(c) shall include particulars or evidence of the following:

(a) the nature of the risks or commitments which the insurance or reinsurance undertaking concerned proposes to cover;

(b) the kind of reinsurance arrangements which the reinsurance undertaking proposes to make with ceding undertakings;

(c) the guiding principles as to reinsurance and to retrocession;

(d) the basic own-fund items constituting the absolute floor of the Minimum Capital Requirement;

(e) estimates of the costs of setting up the administrative services and the organisation for securing business; the financial resources intended to meet those costs and, if the risks to be covered are classified in class 18 in Part A of Annex I, the resources at the disposal of the insurance undertaking for the provision of the assistance promised.

2. In addition to t