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Article 248 Rights and duties of the group supervisor and the other supervisors College of supervisors

1. The rights and duties assigned to the group supervisor with regard to group supervision shall comprise the following:

(a) coordination of the gathering and dissemination of relevant or essential information for going concern and emergency situations, including the dissemination of information which is of importance for the supervisory task of a supervisory authority;

(b) supervisory review and assessment of the financial situation of the group;

(c) assessment of compliance of the group with the rules on solvency and of risk concentration and intra-group transactions as set out in Articles 218 to 245;

(d) assessment of the system of governance of the group, as set out in Article 246, and of whether the members of the administrative, management or supervisory body of the participating undertaking fulfil the requirements set out in Articles 42 and 257;

(e) planning and coordination, through regular meetings held at least annually or through other appropriate means, of supervisory activ

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