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Article 255 Verification of information

1. Member States shall ensure that their supervisory authorities may carry out within their territory, either directly or through the intermediary of persons whom they appoint for that purpose, on-site verification of the information referred to in Article 254 on the premises of any of the following:

(a) the insurance or reinsurance undertaking subject to group supervision;

(b) related undertakings of that insurance or reinsurance undertaking;

(c) parent undertakings of that insurance or reinsurance undertaking;

(d) related undertakings of a parent undertaking of that insurance or reinsurance undertaking.

2. Where supervisory authorities wish in specific cases to verify the information concerning an undertaking, whether regulated or not, which is part of a group and is situated in another Member State, they shall ask the supervisory authorities of that other Member State to have the verification carried out.

The authorities which receive such a request shall, within the framework of th

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